Frequently Asked Questions 


Live chat is here! Why not have a go at a chat with someone.   Live chat will be on all the time and will be moderated at regular intervals.

You can chat to a moderator if one is available.  The buttons are always on, but moderators may take a while to check back in, so please be patient!

What can I post?  

On the main wall:   You can post any of the kind of thing you might put on, e.g. Facebook.  The general guidelines will give you a bit more information about the kinds of things that may not be appropriate, such as racist or sexist remarks.  Generally it might be helpful to think about how you might feel if you were to see something like that posted by someone else.  You are free to have honest conversations, but please be careful about upsetting or even triggering other people.

In the Forums:  Same guidelines apply, EXCEPT for The Dump Zone.  Here you can feel free to express yourself as you wish - BUT:  put a warning on your message if it is likely to upset anyone, and please don't make personal attacks.

Do I  have to use my own name?  Do I have to be anonymous?  Whichever you prefer.  Some members have said they don't like talking to people they can't identify, while others really don't want to identify themselves.

What about details on my profile?  Please be careful about giving out too much information, i.e. no phone numbers or addresses for example! 

Who can see my posts?  Anyone can see your posts on the main wall.  If you post within a closed group, e.g. Bluebell House, only members of that group will see your posts.  

What if I change my mind about what I post?  You can delete anything you have posted if you like. 

How do I change my name on IRIS or my icon?  You will be able to change most things on your profile except for your name.  Your name can be changed any time you like by asking a moderator to do it for you. 



I want to join a group. How do I do this?   Just apply to join on the site, and a moderator will put you on the group.

I'd like to start another group.  How do I do this?  Again, chat to a moderator, either in person if you know one, or send them a message on their profile page (click on their name or icon and on the message button).   It's probably best to leave a message on the main wall, though, as that moderator may be away and may take time to answer. 

Starting up other threads under Forums, etc :  Just go ahead and do it! 




What is moderation?  This is a combination of being on hand to watch over the site to make sure it stays safe, and also to be there in case they are needed to answer questions or provide guidance in some way. 

Who are the moderators?  :  A number of different people from Sussex Partnership, Partner organisations, or volunteers share the moderation of this site.   They may be identified as, e,g,  'Mod10' or 'Mod24' or sometimes they prefer to use their own names.  These are people who have had at least some basic training.

What do moderators do?  During the day, moderators may log on at various times just to check that all is well.  Overnight and at weekends there may be times when moderators will not be around, but once they log on, they will have a look at all the activity.  We do hope that Members of the site will value it and help to keep it safe too.

What do I do if I see something that makes me uncomfortable?  Please report it to a moderator (if it hasn't been seen already).  You can to this by clicking on a moderator's name or icon, then select '!Report user', type your message and 'send'.    You could also select 'send message'. 

You can also discuss this with a member of staff at any service you are using and ask them to help you report it. 

Who can see my posts?  Anyone can see your posts on the main wall.  If you post within a closed group, e.g. Bluebell House, only members of that group will see your posts.    If you post within a forum, the post will remain there and won't appear on the main wall.

What if I change my mind about what I post?  You can delete anything you have posted if you like.