Bluebell House is a Recovery Support Centre offering an intensive day service for adults in West Sussex with complex needs, often diagnosed formally as 'personality disorder'.    We like to think of the people who attend as struggling with long term issues of dealing with emotions, other people, and managing issues of living.  People using this service have typically suffered a history of abuse, rejection and neglect.

People who join Bluebell House are called 'Members', but actually, everyone there is a 'Member', including clinicians.  The aim at Bluebell House is for everyone to work together to help those struggling to access long term support as well as therapeutic help to get their lives working for them.  In time this may mean reintegrating back into their community and even finding work, perhaps for the first time.  Members remain members for life, though, and can always touch base with Bluebell House again if they need to, or even come back if things become difficult.  Some members may move on to training as volunteers (with our partner organisations), and find work helping others.

The centre is run by NHS staff, service user volunteers and other agencies. Both NHS therapists and service user volunteers are on site during working hours. All of our volunteers have experienced similar problems to those described above and are there to offer support and advice throughout your time with us.

The programme runs for three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at Royal George Road, Burgess Hill and is able to accommodate around 20 members at any one time.  We have recently started groups on Mondays too, and these happen on a slightly less formal basis than the rest of the week.   Attendees will need to be able to travel regularly to Burgess Hill in order to attend sessions. Transport can be arranged for those who are unable to independently travel to Bluebell House, for example those who are unable to travel using public transport.

At Bluebell House we strive to ensure that all members feel valued and respected. We demonstrate equality of opportunities for everyone so that individuals’ needs are met regardless of their protected characteristics (such as; age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or belief, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership).

Services Offered

The Recovery Support Centre provides a range of therapeutic interventions, including intensive psychological therapies, arts therapies, occupational therapy, general support and activity groups both at the centre and in the community. You will have the opportunity to access the following:

• Occupational Therapy Groups

• STEPPS Programme

• STAIRWAYS Programme

• Psychological Therapy Groups

• Arts Therapies

• Life Skills Groups

• Community Activities

• One-to-one support from ex-service users (when available)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are intensive therapy days at Bluebell House. You will be able to attend Bluebell House for a maximum of 3 full days per week. Monday groups are also available by arrangement.  During the assessment phase a decision will be made with you about what programme days would be most helpful for you.